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Often the results are surprising, lead to finding problems in the data or model development, and fixing the problems. For example, global climate models are used for both short-term weather forecasts and long-term climate change. Sensitivity analysis has been proven to be a powerful tool to investigate a complex kinetic model. Most often the framing includes more or less implicit assumptions, which could be political e. It is important to distinguish here the notion of criticality with that of importance.

It is possible criteria with rather small weights of importance i. Intuitively, one may think that the larger the weight for a criterion is, the more critical that criterion should be. Likewise, sensitivity auditing has been developed to provide pedigrees of models and model-based inferences.

In both cases

In both cases sensitivity analysis may help to understand the contribution of the various sources of uncertainty to the model output uncertainty and the system performance in general. This is an important task in decision making.

This sort of subjectivity can adversely affect the accuracy and overall objectivity of the analysis. If results are consistent it provides stronger evidence of an effect and of generalizability.

This is an important task in