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We have received your request and a Seagull representative will be in contact with you shortly. Below are some examples of what you can do with the Seagull system. The responsibilities to render assistance to a distressed vessel or aircraft are based on humanitarian considerations and established international practice. The programme also gives a basic on board training in familiarisation, the immunoassay handbook seamanship as well as safety on board.

This course will focus primarily upon how first aid techniques work. Liquid cargoes can be very hazardous if it is not handled correctly and suitable protective equipment is used. In order to obtain a good end result it is important that these subjects are well understood. It also provides valuable knowledge about how to evaluate and treat injured and sick persons. Various types of minor as well as more serious injuries and illnesses are described and explained in a straight forward manner.

Training Training is Value! The purpose of this training course is to prepare ship personnel on how to execute first aid in a safe and efficient manner. As the shipping industry has become more and more environmentally conscious, due to this there has been more focus on correct use and maintenance of the bilge water separator. It is also important to know about safety rules and regulations regarding steering gears. Another main topic in this course is dealing with proper maintenance and the importance of following recommended maintenance intervals.

Corrosion protection and corrosion control are two important factors in working to reducing maintenance cost. Another goal of this programme is to enable junior officers to recognise good or insufficient stability, and assist in practical precautions to prevent insufficient stability. With a growing need for experienced seafarers, our focus is on building competence and retaining valued crewmembers.

All of our easy-to-use recruitment tools reduce the amount of time you have to spend screening candidates. Thank you for your request. Our solutions follow the seafarers life through his career with training, assessing and monitoring every step of the way.

Recruitment is the first step in the training cycle, but the process of hiring the best person in a timely and cost-effective manner can be extremely challenging. Selected items has been sent to your e-mail address. Manage and track training progress on a global scale.

The purpose of this training programme is to make cadets and junior officers understand the basic principles and importance of ship stability. It will also introduce the student to the relevant regulations concerning such systems. Seafarers of all nationalities can use this Maritime English training module since the programme is an English-English course.

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It can make a difference both in operation and in safety matters. Career development To have a plan is always important. The use of incorrect lubrication oil for the main and auxiliary machinery can be very expensive. Empty list Empty list Print selected product sheet s pdf Print selected product sheet s pdf Email selection Email selection Request offer Request offer. In the long term, it is not what is spent on training, it is what could be lost if you do not.

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Finding and hiring the best qualified candidate for the job is what pushes your business forward. The leading provider of competence management solutions and training material for seafarers worldwide. The student will also learn how to correctly fill in the Oil Record book.

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Career planning motivates your employees to reach goals and aim higher. The Digital Governor System is a complete package that fulfils all tasks for governing the speed of low-speed, long- stroke diesel engines. There are long traditions at sea to assist others in distress situations.

Who stayed on track and are ready for promotion? The evaluation of paint specification and increasing the users expertise of different paint types is also focused upon in this module. It is important that we do all we can to provide the industry with well educated, trained and motivated seafarers. Spend your time on the right applicant. An understanding of lubrication oil and its properties has today become an important part of being an engineer.


It is important to provide a clear path for each seafarer, encouraging them to aim for the next step on the career ladder. This is important for maintenance and survey of critical areas of the ship. This module will also cover paralleling of generators, the main switchboard, and the power management system.

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Staffed by experienced engineers, our dedicated support desk is available to answer questions and provide assistance to resolve any problems you may encounter. We do this by building a defined career plan that drives promotion and keeps staff motivated.

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Competent people make the difference. In case of emergency situations it is very important to know how to operate the steering gear.

Competent, experienced and well-trained crew make the ship safe. It is built around an actual port movement between two berths and features all the typical instructions and exchanges used by the principal personnel involved.

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