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This by no means makes the insults acceptable, but it seriously cheapens the point which Miller seems to be striving to make. This makes it truly bizarre that she would be bullied in this way, and even more bizarre that someone as snotty and spoiled as Nikki would even pay attention to it.

It evades any real

The faith angle is nothing but a sham - a gossamer veneer which is, ultimately, entirely irrelevant. They're just regular novels featuring regular people.

Yes, we do see them, but nowhere near often enough. It evades any real bullying entirely.

The same applies to Thomas Murphy. She does not have the protections or requirements that a real journalist has. These novels all profess to be about faith in a divine providence which never appears. On the topic of the bullying, initially I'd been convinced that Nikki, the girl being bullied, was overweight, but it turns out she's not.

Yes we do

It just made it into a joke rather than a serious issue which needed to be nipped in the bud. The problem with that plan was that the rest of the story was rather less than tolerable, too. That hope remained even as I discovered where it was coming from, but that hope was thee one which failed to find itself in this story, and I'll tell you why.

That's what I meant when I said that faith novels are hollow at their core. Robin Caroll did a phenomenal job with this book. Unfortunately, the novel failed to live up to its title.