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And, when you think of the damned Netherlands, and the Belgians, and the rest, all those people, Arthur, would be nothing without us p. According to Walter Isaacson, soon after taking office, Nixon had concluded that the Vietnam War could not be won and he was determined to end the war quickly. With such sources at his disposal Nichter could have broadened the scope of the book.

When news of the leak first appeared, Nixon was inclined to do nothing, but Kissinger persuaded him to try to prevent their publication. The Johnson administration had agreed to suspend bombing in exchange for negotiations without preconditions, but this agreement never fully took force. The expansion of the Vietnam War into Laos and Cambodia hindered, but did not derail, the move towards normalization of relations.

During the broadcast, Nixon appeared pale, nervous and sweaty compared with his tan, well-rested and vigorous opponent. The United States and the Soviet Union continued to compete for worldwide influence, but tensions had eased considerably since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Navy and served as an operations officer in the Pacific.

The turning point of the campaign came in the first-ever nationally televised presidential debate. It would be interesting to find out whether the author thinks that these personalities were decisive or if they assisted long term trends, such as a more arms-length transatlantic relationship. He was part of the Herter Committee, which went to Europe to report on the need for U. Months after taking office, Nixon nominated federal appellate judge Warren E.

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