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The easily layed composition system can be duplicated to increase the duration of the project or add more pictures and videos. To change text open a typo comp and double-click text layers to overwrite them. With stunning particle, flares, and falling blocks. The trapcode layers are pre-rendered! You do not need Trapcode Particular to work with this file.

Help file to customize and font link included. Elegant, colorful, and one of a kind. Everything is editable on this project, and no plug-ins need it. No plug-ins are needed with this project.

Revostock free after effects templatesAfter effects intro template

After effects intro template

Images and text easily customizable. Great for capturing your audience. Instructions are explained in the readme file that is included. All clip-frames are animated individually. This can be used for commercials, weddings, anniversaries, and love stories.

Light streaks move around the text with a pre-rendered light flare. Clips flying through space and getting picked and clicked by a virtual hand. Also I have pre-comp all the text layers, so you can easily change your text. They are synced to the animation. Another fantastic project.

After Effects Templates by Revostock. This great simple, and spectacular text logo can be great for your last minute intro movie trill. This comes with pre-comps, so that you can easily add, customize your photos, video footage, mis report in excel sheet and text.

Revostock free after effects templates

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Metal Balls project is one of the kind.

Create a stunning text animation as an organic orb type shape sweeps across the screen. Using Trapcode Particular I have created some interesting effects.

To add your text, just click on the folder called Add Your Text Hereit's that easy. With stunning particle, flares, sparks, chrome pipes, and animated chrome frames. Camera Moving away from Metal doors slamming shut. This comes with stunning animated flourishes, butterflies, flares, colorful flowers, Flying doves, and beautiful golden frames. However all original comps are included if you need to adjust them.

If any links die or problem unrar, send request to goo. Trapcode Form is used to generate the text. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Compostions are made as simple as possible so that they can be duplicated to add more information. Perfect for title sequences, trade shows, corporate videos or any promotions.

But, you can still customize camera, particles, flares, footage, and text. Your email address will not be published. With blasting metal cameras, flares, spectacular particle strings.

Awesome Element Packs

This great falling blocks is the perfect photo display. This project starts with raindrops falling from the clouds and hitting the ground creating interesting drizzle effect. Photos in preview and music not included. Just drag and drop photos, type your text and render.

The Camera flies through a dark room with tiles made from photoshop. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

With stunning glows ball bearings, Flares, and spectacular particles. This comes with x and X ready to render Comps. Text appears as each slams closed. To change colors open the comps, select the shape layers and apply a new color to it. Another awesome Text Intro Fxthis is a very energetic project for last minute intros.

Field of video panels to insert your photos or video clips into. Otherwise music is included to this project but footage is not.

Sound Effects are synced to the animation. All plugins come pre-rendered and are already placed. Put your pictures or video inside these picture frames.

The text layers contain animated text effects, so make sure that you overwrite existing ones rather than adding new text layers. One with trapcode layers and one with pre-rendered trapcode layers. Trapcode particular version is included for those that own the plugin.

This comes with pre-comps, so that you can easily add, customize your text. This file is an absolute breeze to edit.

This comes with pre-comps so that you can easily add, customize your photos, video footage, and text. With fantastic flares, and beautiful wipe dot's trough out the photos.

Includes some prerendered Lens Flare elements. Make an amazing slideshow with photos or video for a? However I have included the file that uses the trapcode layers just in case you have the plug in. Another, elegant, beautiful, and one of a kind wedding project.