Resource Editor

Resource Editor

Perhaps it is a docking matter? Resource Editor has poor support of dpi-scaling. Hi, resourceeditor always break my res files, when i save them and reopen them.

If you find this site useful, please link to us. Yes, There were a few minor changes to incorporated. The menu editor is now usable.

Hi Anders, I'm having problems with StringTables. Resource Tuner allows creative individuals the ability to fully view, edit and replace strings, bitmaps, logos and icons - all that define the visible portions of your Windows program. Easy to reproduce, fix and verify. You can also import bitmap files to form the basis of your icons or cursors, as well as export your image to bitmap files. The program when running shows the correct icon on the form and in the task bar.

Resource Tuner contains a number of methods for opening files. In fact, it allows you to view and edit almost any aspect of a compiled Windows program, from the menus to the dialog boxes to the icons and beyond.

The blending mode is still called Luminosity though in order to mimic PhotoShop. The Type property specifies the resource item type.

Can you e-mail me the fixed version as well, or post it for download on your site? But they lose the transparent background when I flatten the image to save them.

The shadow is drawn during a custom paint stage. Hi, are you forgot about article abot shadow and animation in image view control? Hello Anders, i use the Resourceeditor. If you need help, please try stackoverflow. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.

The Resources pane is hidden upon startup. Perhaps an option to turn that off would be good. The version I uploaded was an internal test version. Rotation of a floating selection now works properly. Supports most common resource types.

Open EXE/DLL File with Resource Tuner

The Language property specifies the Locale the resource item is localized for. The resources tree view lists all the different resource items contained in the resource file, grouped by resource type. Box blur now calculates the radius of a single pass based on the number of iterations performed.

XN Resource Editor Build 7061

Resource Hacker

If you open ResourceEditor. If I recall correctly, the last time I checked, it can create dialog boxes, barcode scanner for pc but not binary resources like icons. What kind of resource file e. Bitmap editor The Emboss filter is incomplete.

XN Resource Editor Build 7061

Wow, I immediately replaced original version by your version. It makes the software hard to use. So it is some incompatibility with the resoluion of the screen using remote desktop.

Resource Hacker

Resource Types Generally all resource types are supported in the sense that they can be defined, read and written. But strangely it only gives it when a list I display of drivers on Windows is filtered for a particular brand driver.

It is now possible to edit the file fields. You're welcome to write or organize some documentation if you like, but I'm afraid that I don't have time to participate.

The resource editor in its current form is a stand alone application. The dropdown menu next to the toolbutton gives you quick access to recently open files. MadExcept freeze detection now works. User defined brush shapes. No line is drawn between first and second point until third point is marked.

What is this website

Are you going to update the download with the string table fix soon? It appears the problem is known. String List and Message Table editors has been rewritten from scratch and now support symbolic values. The black icons are probably caused by a theme manager issue.

Could you send link to posts here? The Liquify Brush is now able to work on the edges of the bitmap without causing Access Violations.

The resource edit window is separated into a number of panes. Resource Tuner takes care of the things the other programs don't cover. If you have any text already that could be formatted by me, send it to my email. This is too great a product and they should have an editor included. Anders, excellent work - the best tool for the job!

In some situations where Explorer needs to display an icon, it creates a bit icon from the bit icon. Premultiply alpha and Unpremultiply alpha filters. Hang when using embedded resource compiler.

Resource Editor

However, the tools are also useful for non-programmers. Supports colors depths of bits. It happens when one create a new resource item e. It can also separately generate dlg files for your dialog boxes.