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The process owner has front-line responsibility for the process and is responsible for tracking the action plan. The output of a root cause analysis often depends on the preferences and practices of the team leader. Tools and techniques that support these imperatives are critical to the success of modern healthcare organizations. This is unacceptable in our current day and age. Teams were given specific goals based on their proportion of the overall supply budget.

Making Work-out Work It is important to change systems and structures to support the routine use of Work-out. The team constructed a process map and identified likely failure modes. Six clinical areas, including surgical and medical areas, sent teams of four to eight members to a two-day Work-out. Work-out provides a framework for analysis, seeking primary causes for the breakdown and producing a structured action plan.

Filling the Gap Despite

Filling the Gap Despite the critical need for a larger and more diverse health workforce, health education has not yet arrived as a viable sector on its own. Large healthcare companies may step in to help close the gap as they struggle to fill positions. In this setting, Work-out provides a structured format that helps to promote project success.

If not, then we are likely to lose what could well be our most valuable national asset. This fact is a major contributor to the staggering disparity in health outcomes by race and ethnicity. Hospitalization for diabetes, for example, is twice as high for Latinos and three times as high for blacks as it is for whites. Several important failure mechanisms were identified and safeguards created. Work-outs are rarely either completely successful or unsuccessful, with results limited by failure to attend to any of the important characteristics.

Others may be included to make on-the-spot decisions that will affect the execution of the recommendations. Work-out is a problem-solving approach that involves employees in process improvement and addresses communication gaps between management and employees.

Some have an excessively broad focus. This is what is done in the aviation industry with the result that air travel is very safe.

Large healthcare companies may step in

The low accident rate is achieved by studying the causes and using the methods of continuous improvement explained in this book. The subject matter is always in the public eye but not often well described. Most importantly, mid-level managers must be held accountable by senior management for supporting the approach and following through on recommendations.