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Llywelyn was forced to come to terms, and by the advice of his council sent his wife Joan to negotiate with the king, her father. This truce was renewed year by year for the remainder of Llywelyn's reign. Llywelyn destroyed his own castle at Deganwy and retreated west of the River Conwy. Llywelyn built up marriage alliances with several of the Marcher families. As William de Braose had no male heir, Llywelyn strategized that the vast de Braose holdings in south Wales would pass to the heir of Dafydd with Isabella.

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John Earl of Huntington m. Dafydd and Rhodri were the sons of Owain by his second marriage to Cristin verch Goronwy. There is no record of Iorwerth having taken part in the power struggle between some of Owain Gwynedd's other sons following Owain's death, although he was the eldest surviving son. Llywelyn was a descendant of the senior line of Rhodri Mawr and therefore a member of the princely house of Gwynedd.

Her birth date is estimated on the assumption that Susanna was under marriageable age, but older than an infant, at the time. During this visit he was found in Llywelyn's chamber together with Llywelyn's wife Joan. He may have been born in the old castle which occupied a rocky knoll on the valley floor. This is the earliest surviving written agreement between an English king and a Welsh ruler, and under its terms Llywelyn was to swear fealty and do homage to the king.

In return, it confirmed Llywelyn's possession of his conquests and allowed cases relating to lands claimed by Llywelyn to be heard under Welsh law. The Earl of Chester rebuilt Deganwy, and Llywelyn retaliated by ravaging the earl's lands.

Tegwared y Baiswen ap Llywelyn c. Marared had issue by both husbands. The Marshalls took advantage of Llywelyn's involvement here to land near St David's in April with an army raised in Ireland and recaptured Cardigan and Carmarthen without opposition. Elen Helen ferch Llywelyn c. Another indication of his growing power was that he was able to insist on the consecration of Welshmen to two vacant sees that year, Iorwerth, as Bishop of St.

This left the field clear for Dafydd, but Dafydd himself died without issue in and was eventually succeeded by his nephew, Gruffydd's son, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. Llywelyn came to an agreement with the king at Montgomery in October that year.

However this proposal was dropped. The clergy intervened to make peace between Llywelyn and Gwenwynwyn and the invasion was called off. Dafydd was forced to agree to a treaty greatly restricting his power and was also obliged to hand his half-brother Gruffydd over to the king, who now had the option of using him against Dafydd. Dafydd deprived his half-brother Gruffydd of the lands given him by Llywelyn, and later seized him and his eldest son Owain and held them in Criccieth Castle.

Innocent released Llywelyn, Gwenwynwyn and Maelgwn from all oaths of loyalty to John and lifted the interdict in the territories which they controlled. He completed the campaign by recapturing Cardigan castle. Llywelyn made an alliance with Richard, and in January the earl and Llywelyn seized Shrewsbury. Gruffydd was given an appanage in Meirionnydd and Ardudwy but his rule was said to be oppressive, and in Llywelyn stripped him of these territories. Gwenwynwyn died in England later that year, leaving an underage heir.