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When black leaders asked that regiments

Some political figures saw it as a necessity, calculated to outrage the South. Kentuckians were particularly resentful. The Beginnings of Black Nationalism, p. Out of the army came many of the leaders of the Reconstruction era.

He proclaimed all men free within certain states and I repudiated the proclamation. Their determination to fight in the fact of hostility and prejudice left their dedication to these national ideals in no doubt whatsoever. In the case of Kentucky he was correct. When he asked Secretary of State William H.

In October, however, he presumably talked to one Daniel Ullmann of New York, who urged that very course. Ullmann, appointed a brigadier general of volunteers, was specifically charged with raising four regiments of volunteers in Louisiana where he found public opinion far from supportive.

Accoring to John

Accoring to John Eaton, Jr. When black leaders asked that regiments of black soldiers be enrolled under the flag of freedom, Lincoln and his advisors refused. Nor is there any inkling as to how he managed to get the appointment, and get it so rapidly. The political attack on slavery was embodied in a series of laws, termed the Confiscation Acts. Protests by black soldiers, Colonel Edward N.