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We have added this game on our list of most popular pokemon games for android because this game can be quiet an addiction and features Magikarp who is one of the more weaker Pokemon. Here you can find only the best free android games apk pokemon. It is too risky to walk on streets and risk lives just to catch a Pokemon, its raining men compared to other games wherein you can play while sitting on your couch. Here are the best games like Pokemon for Android!

Best Pokemon Games For Android (April 2019)

Its graphics are amazing, gameplay is amazing with smooth controls, and you will love it a lot. Pokemon Games for android. However, its age range is between six and eight years old so we weren't expecting a full game here.

That said, we have a list of the best Game Boy emulators including Color and Advance at the button above. Why play games like Pokemon when you can just play Pokemon, right? Pokeland Legends Welcome to the mysterious Monster land! Pokemon is one of the most popular, successful and longest running game franchise that has been played by millions of fans around the world for more than a decade now.

You can also click here to see our latest Android app and game lists! Thus, it's not difficult to play and you'll be grinding for new stuff often or paying for it. There is a ton of game here and it should keep you busy for a long time.

This augmented reality game was released in and is the most popular mobile game of all time. This is a very active game have to catch more than unique nexomons save the worlds and your friends! It is essentially a classic match-three style game with some added combat mechanics.

Top 9 best pokemon games for android

Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with. It is really fun, challenging, and addictive Pokemon game for Android. Players can also hit up Pokestops for items and battle gyms for supremacy. Plane a good strategy to defeat the opponents and enjoy the game.

The game gives you the opportunity to live the life of a Pokemon trainer. Check those out and find the one that works best for you.

Top 9 best pokemon games for android

10 best Pok mon games for Android

Click here to Download from Play Store. You can battle it out against Trainers and participate in Tournaments as well. Magikarp is renowned for being a weak and useless Pokemon but not in this game.

Traveling through different levels and battles are really enjoyable. We don't recommend piracy, so please try to buy these games before attempting to emulate them on your Android devices. It's a freemium game like we said earlier. You need to choose your route.

Best Pokemon Games For Android (April 2019)Pokemon Games For Android 2019

Millions of mobile users turned crazy with this game and with over million installs on Google Play, this makes Pokemon Go our top Pokemon game for Android. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play.

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Players will engage in three-card battles against other players to see who can come out on top. As a result, people of all age groups were found playing this game. Additionally, the game also offers PvP battles, guild feature, and events. You get larger attacks if you match more than three shapes at once.

Hence, watching Youtube Videos might make it easier. It is a third-person perspective.

10 best games like Pokemon for Android - Android Authority

You have to collect Pokemon and level them up. That doesn't make it bad or anything, just more friendly to a casual audience. Each new batch of Magikarps will be stronger than the previous. This, one of the best Pokemon games comes with breathtaking graphics and superb addictive gameplay in which you collect over Nexomon, evolve them, and save the world from the Nexomon King. Unlock cards and decks as you play to build up your collection and make truly unique decks.

This magic land is under the shadow of a horrible conspiracy now. Again, we do not condone piracy so do try to buy these games before emulating them on your phone or tablet. You can also trade your Pokemon with your friends.

Moreover, the game is of small size and hence downloading and installation is not an issue. Players will have access to hundreds of cards to build a variety of decks to duel with other players online. There aren't a lot of people who don't know how this game works.

There are also stickers to collect and some other fun game mechanics. If you want Pokemon game that can be enjoyed at home, then you should read this post. Instagram - Social Network Apps. It has been released recently on Google Play Store for Android devices, featuring your favorite Pokemon characters such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and many more.

The battle system is turn-based. Battle with legendary champions and you can be a hero you can download limited access game for free and for. Welcome to the mysterious Monster land!

Your source for all things Android! Download online free apk for android games and play all pokemon games in your android tablet or android smartphone. As a result, having a wide range of Pokemon will surely make your experience easier. You feed your Magikarp, discover all kinds of Magikarp, Spruce up your pond with decorations, and complete the challenges. It is a new game released recently on the Google Play Store.