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Double-dyed In folly and in guilt, I thought you gave Your heart and soul away from me to slave At statecraft.

After three years this way allSo did I force

As no leap of pulse Pricked me, that first time, so did none convulse My veins at this occasion for resolve. That is how I came to like the toys described you now, Store of which glittered on the walls and strewed The table, even, while my wife pursued Her purpose to its ending. But your words retrieve Importantly the past. Since my right in you seemed lost, I stung myself to teach you, to your cost, What you rejected could be prized beyond Life, heaven, by the first fool I threw a fond Look on, a fatal word to.

After three years, this way, all unawares, Our acting ended. So did I force mine to obey my will And pry no further. Each of us looked the other in the face.