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Martial Le Minoux, Jeremy Prevost. Oscar's water bottle ends up in a crocodile-infested river.

Watch Full Episodes of Oscar's Oasis. Oscar's Oasis is currently available to watch and stream on Disney. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. And though initially disinterested, he turned out to be a surprisingly good player when it turned out the lizardette was involved.

One particular exception to Oscar's lowly position in the desert hierarchy is the Skunk. Even once or twice becoming a hero to them.

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Every now and then Oscar is able to find some type of liquid left behind in one of the bottles. Audible Download Audio Books. Though the trio are more likely to be a problem for Roco, Oscar in his own right will sometimes interfere with his cargo or try to steal eggs, and Roco doesn't appreciate this. Harchi gazed up at the stars and sighed to himself.

The next thing Harchi knew, he could hear Popy's shrill voice screaming from the trailer. Popy's selfishness strikes again! Other times his friends get in the way.

Roco once thought he had accidentally hit Oscar with his truck, and tried to protect him to make up for it in My Bodyguard. Much to Oscar's dismay, as this kept him away from the lizardette. Oscar's Oasis - Forbidden paradise. These trucks leave a lot of litter behind when they pass through. Oscar is often exploring the various types of trash that have been left.

As this helped Buck to win, the vulture was most grateful. Edit Storyline Follows the sun-baked adventures of Oscar, a lizard in the middle of the desert finding himself misadventures wherever he goes, from finding water to fleeing from a band of misfits. Roco is separated from Manolo.

An egg falls from the sky, Oscar and the Trio team up to raid Manolo's camp, Oscar finds a can of fruit juice and more. Oscar, always on the lookout for a tasty snack, will frequently try to raid the trio's camp. This show can be seen through out the world including location such as the United State, Brazil, and many European countries.

Want your community included? Sometimes his friends are able to help him find the food. This page is for characters from the Oscar's Oasis franchise. He lives in a non specific desert. Oscar and Popy in the end have a negative relationship.

Each show runs for only about seven minutes but a lot goes on in that time. Sweet, Connect to Amazon Prime!

The main character of the show is a lizard named Oscar. Harchi is a brown Hyena who is part of the Trio in which he acts as the muscle. Red hearts were floating all around the scene. Before contributing you may need to read the Rules. Oscar eyes an ear of corn with longing, searches the desert for flowers, takes to the sky with the Trio's stash of food and more.

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His intelligence varies from episode to episode however he is usually portrayed as being unintelligent. Oscar does not take this lying down though! The night sky was a truly beautiful sight in the desert.

Oscar sends the Trio to sleep. This may be because Oscar himself doesn't smell that great, however that's a subject for debate. The drop of saltwater hung from his nose and dripped into the sand. The sky was pitch black and full of twinkling stars.

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And though Oscar is generally willing to be friendly with the trio, Popy tends to cheat him whenever he does. Oscar has three good friends that live in the desert with him. Popy turned up the helicopter, and they headed towards the bus where Popy lived, there they would find Harchi and Buck.

However the trio themselves will also often try to steal whatever Oscar might have found. Oscar's Oasis - Get out of it. Oscar, muslim wedding songs mp3 the Trio and a chicken get tangled up.

He pulled out a broken mirror and stared at his reflection. Was this review helpful to you? Blowing in a breeze was a discarded magazine, its pages flapping around in the wind as it tumbled across the desert. The Trio uses Oscar's coconut for bowling.

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Once in a while he is even able to get it out to drink. Though the meerkats will sometimes stick to their own and prove not to be to tolerant to Oscar's presence, he has on occasion gotten along with them. And Popy does not take particularly well to this.