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But I can

Unsurprisingly, it's extremely catchy. But I can totally understand why others found it unbearable. The beginning of Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival compares the unsteady man, in whom good and evil are mixed, to a magpie, which is half black, half white.

Damsel in distress, pure and innocent victim, etc. Seems Hammond got a bit confused, and rather than picking one of the many variations to ward off bad luck, chose them all. In fact, his speech pointedly suggests a regional accent.

Unsurprisingly it's extremely catchy

The rhyme is also the origin of the group's name. As corvids, magpies are part of a family of birds known as crows. Patrick Wolf has a song that quotes the aforementioned rhyme as the last stanza. In mercy's shadow, nothing grows. In the end, it actually turns out to be pointless anyway - which left me disgusted.

Daniel Handler's Adverbs features magpies throughout. It's dumb, but I can deal with it.

You can pretty much guess what happens to him based on his name. If you pick it up, don't even bother with the second half of the novel.

Everything I enjoyed about the first half became a pet hate in the second. Mickey is the only character - apart from some of the henchbaddies - who doesn't talk as though he's a duchess in a bad Austen adaptation. The rhyme is also the origin of the band's name. When one is always in Donovan's line-of-sight, he feels uneasy, knowing the old Terran belief that a single magpie is bad luck.

The theme tune used a version of the rhyme as its lyrics, and the show's mascot was a cartoon magpie named Murgatroyd, who looked too fat to fly. Richard Hammond on Top Gear once went on about how dangerous Magpies are while driving, because of all the gestures you have to preform. In one story, a magpie steals a lost diamond from Handler's actual life and delivers it to a story written by another author entirely. He's also subtly called Mickey in a book full of Olivers, Celines, and Merions.

By the end of this book, which is a crap anticlimax, btw I was so annoyed with it that I revised my half-way decision to give it three stars. The song is mentioned in season four, episode nine of the Showcase series Lost Girl.