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Pace says the large door in the reactor was opened so they could vent the radiation from inside the building. When everything was operating correctly, the indication was true and the operators became habituated to rely on it. The station in Monticello sits on the Mississippi River, so an accident there could bring fallout straight into the city and state capitol St.

District Court Judge Sylvia Rambo. Philadelphia Stear clear of Philly is a meltdown ever happens. The prevailing winds could blow radiation from Byron and the Quad Cities toward the big city. The pumps were shut down, and it was believed that natural circulation would continue the water movement. Arline Mathews lost her son to a rare brain cancer linked to exposure to radiation.

The earthquake cut off external power to the reactors. When they forced the resin out, a small amount of water forced its way past a stuck-open check valve and found its way into an instrument air line. Massive amounts of radiation escaped and spread across the western Soviet Union and Europe. More than cancer deaths are attributed to the disaster, which is considered to have been the worst to occur in the West. Eventually the reactor was brought under control, although the full extent of the accident was not understood until later.

The reactor was replaced by November, but the cleanup did not extend to the land surrounding it. Steam in the system prevented flow through the core, and as the water stopped circulating it was converted to steam in increasing amounts. According to estimates, people died of cancer because of exposure to radiation, and thousands more may have suffered from related illnesses.