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The author frustrated with herself and

Now tens of millions of readers around the world believe that Australian Aborigines want to die, and that their culture lives on in Marlo Morgan. Both sides have made compelling arguments, and both have holes in their stories.

The reader who is unsure which way to approach this book has the benefit of both approaches. It was not the kangaroo bladder filled with our precious cargo that wore out, only the leather strap holding it to his side. The book's narrative plays out a narrative and thematic pattern similar to those of many other quest narratives, exploring issues relating to humanity's relationship to nature, faith, and to itself.

The enigma of the authenticity of

If her account is indeed pure fiction, then the worst which could be said about it is that it is a benign distortion of Aboriginal culture to the rest of the world. They were worn smooth and about half their original height. But if either account is true, Morgan must have forgotten about it because a couple years latter she did another interview purporting the truth of her book. It would very much be a point of pride, not shame. It is this respect and interest which Morgan and Murdoch exploit.

Extraordinarily, this small group of unknown Australians succeeded in convincing the filmmakers not to proceed. One account tells of a group of Aboriginal elders who obtained a government grant to travel to the United States to confront Marlo Morgan and stop a Hollywood film deal. Rather than spend energy on criticizing Morgan's book, the indigenous people of Australia would be better served writing about their true culture and putting that forth to the world. That was quite an astute observation for someone who has never read a newspaper, seen a television, or listened to the radio. There is something that these people have managed to preserve in their culture which we have lost in ours.

The author, frustrated with herself and close to despair, begins to hallucinate. The enigma of the authenticity of the depicted events, or if this book has any basis in cultural fact, remains as perplexing as ever and may never be satisfactorily answered. My impression is that Morgan doesn't care whether you believe her book is factual or fictional, however she has been consistent in implying it's factual.