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Discuss this while she's still in the car, or call her later that night or the next morning, once she has cooled off, and ask her why she got so angry. What could you have said to set her off like that? That decision is in your hands. Was there an underlying issue that could explain why she got mad?

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Mood Swings In Men

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When a man is cranky, we chalk it up to a bad day because his stock just plummeted, but when a woman's mood goes topsy-turvy, it's attributed to her crazy mood swings. Even if you feel that she always has these kinds of mood swings, it's better to communicate what happened. You think she's just as crazy as every other girl you meet. Some women are snappier and crankier than others, and it's up to you to determine what her threshold for patience and tolerance is.

Tell her you feel that everything you say seems to set her off, and you want to know whether everything's all right and if there's something she's not telling you. Rather than assure yourself that she's just being her cranky self, establish why she just snapped at you.

Girlfriend Mood Swings

One minute she's telling you how happy you make her, the next she's telling you how happy she is when you're away from her. Was it something you said or did? If her positive qualities outweigh her crankiness we all have our faults, right?

The Mood Swing Phenomenon

Just make sure to keep the lines of communication open and don't let these bouts of anger get swept under the carpet, or you may experience a tornado of repressed negative feelings. How many times does this happen? Don't worry, we'll cross that red carpet soon. Next thing you know, you drop her off at home and she doesn't want to talk to you.

The Mood Swing Phenomenon - AskMen

If she's moody or cranky more often than happy, it's your choice whether or not you want to accept her for who she is and try to ignore her moodiness. You thought you were dating one girl, but with her mood swings, honest dating site you might as well be dating four.