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And just in

But for Tori and Dean what you see is what you get. Then their wished start to come true.

She wants to show us that there is more to her life than Hollywood. Then Tori begins to panic - Liam seems to be more attached to Dean than her. This is so out of the norm of what I typically read, that I was almost embarassed to add it on here. His is name is Liam and he is the perfect baby.

She shared a lot of person vulnerabilities and fears, which I respect. Tori decides that she wants to live in a normal house, on a normal street and have normal neighbors and friends. She also fears that Stella will grow to prefer Dean over her as well. So Spelling was the other woman. Which I found quite strange.

Even I felt uncomfortable when she started talking about her husband's ex-wife. It almost felt like a crutch she was using to justify some of her decisions and actions. So about a week ago I picked it up and I couldn't put it down. She just does it under the watchful eye of Hollywood and the paparazzi. What a fun read, you will not be disappointed.

They can take him

They can take him to dinner, to parties, charity events and life is a dream. And just in case you weren't aware, Spelling and McDermott met on a movie set while he was still married. Tori is married to Dean McDermott and are ready to start a family. So they move to Beaver Street.