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Miss Julia's School of Beauty by Ann B. Ross download in iPad, ePub, pdf

And upon completing the book, I still felt like Miss Julia was just too far out there in over assuming things without the slightest bit of evidence. So far, this one is my least favorite of the series.

Well written fun for boomers and middle-age women. In this novel, Miss Julia has just married old friend Sam Murdoch, and she begins to settle into a new routine and living arrangement. And though she starts to feel a bit overwhelmed and certainly exasperated with the various turns of events, the two situations converge and eventually lead to a happy ending, of course. Miss Julia is a treat, Sam is lovely, and my only worry is the racial stereotypes. She needs to get over herself.

So Sam goes on the road to find out the truth behind their marriage. Just get married again already. She really gets ahead of herself and jumps to all sorts of conclusions with no real evidence to back them up, which could be funny, but for now just comes off as annoying and self-centered. Humorous, plot twists, sometimes predictable, sometimes surprising. Ross, Miss Julia has just returned from her honeymoon after eloping with her former lawyer, Sam, to the dismay of others in her town upset at not being invited to a large wedding.

Ross Miss Julia has been the star of five previous novels by Ann B. Ross, and she continues to twinkle delightfully in this vehicle.

But naturally some problems ariseHaving read only the

Good, light read for relaxation and some smiles. Mild, for just a few uses of mild language. Miss Julia made everyone miserable for absolutely nothing.

Having read only the first novel, and a solid five or more years ago, I had no problem getting right into the swing of things in this one. But naturally, some problems arise that she must deal with in her usual proper and upright manner.