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Mastering AngularJS Directives by Josh Kurz download in iPad, ePub, pdf

This new scope also known as Isolated scope because it is completely detached from its parent scope. Look at below code to make it more clear. This parent scope has following properties and methods. This one explains the Isolated scope and its properties.

This new scope

Is probably the most complete documentation out there about directives in the same place, that by itself makes this book worth the buy. This means any changes to the controller or directive will be in sync. Each section describes how to set up the directive and an example is included to help with the explanation.

Look at below code to

If we change the name inside the textbox, notice the header name also gets changed. Till now, we saw two situations for directive scope creation. This is useful, when any of our directive scope property to be same as the parent scope property. Therefore, any changes we make inside the directive are actually reflected in the parent scope. Take that and the fact that there are no highlight, I skipped a lot of them to be honest.

That said, even though it is a difficult read, it is not without value. Because of course there are still situations where the directive needs to be able to exchange data with parent scope.