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For every woman who makes herself male shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. At times, their relationship was strained.

Victoire's cousin Claude and his wifeThe attraction to Carmel however

However she herself wrote, My name is Magdalen. Marie Madeleine liked Louise very much and was convinced the marriage would be blessed in heaven.

Victoire's cousin Claude and his wife lived nearby. The attraction to Carmel, however, remained. These founding women showed great ingenuity in both maintaining and extending their communities. In the years ahead, she never tired of reminding her sisters that it was on Holy Thursday night, between the Upper Room and Calvary, that their Society had its beginning.

You have a beautiful name but you must accept the consequences and as Companions of Jesus suffer with him. The struggle to establish what God wanted was a hard one. But more space was needed and, impressed by the work of this new religious group, the town authorities obtained from the Minister for War a disused building for their use.