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In other words the

Firstly, he mentions the work of the American magazine writer Betty Friedan which consisted to interview women from the fifties who were living the American Dream. He wrote some of the most popular and accessible works of that century, consistently pushing forward the causes of freedom and progress. He ardently supported it, yet did not fully understand the social forces at work.

One must enjoy making new objectives. In other words, the two approaches are respectively objectivism and subjectivism. What I mean by that is finding satisfaction towards making and completing objectives. They lost the only meaning they were exposed to.

One must enjoy

It is the heart of everything you think, feel and do. Military confrontation wasn't far away. He could not see the extent to which the two factions were pulling in different directions. They will never reach a point of satisfaction with this perception.

At the end of he arrived in Philadelphia, bearing a letter of introduction from Benjamin Franklin, who he had met in London. Each tribe member grew from expanding their practical knowledge and mastering their essential survival skills. He was the man behind the scenes who did as much as anyone else to forge the Trucial States into the United Arab Emirates. They were stuck in their pleasure of constantly acquiring more and more wealth, just like the version of Sisyphus where he is happy to push that boulder up the hill for eternity.

Finally, by knowing yourself well, and by having a strong ethical mind, you can either create or follow a movement or an organization that is meant to push forward the progress of humanity. They had everything they were supposed to get, and nothing else to objectify. To claim otherwise is to defend the status quo. Perhaps he did not fully appreciate what was at stake, and ended standing with those who would undo the revolution. Camus used Sisyphus in the end to explain how it is better to just find happiness in doing the same meaningless routine every day in order to survive the void where purpose should be.