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Inside across each of theSeen as so many

You are not currently authenticated. Le Polygon et Le Dedale, in its scale and wooden structuring, resembles the remarkably intricate and accomplished models of the Renaissance master architects. With a passion for drawing and travel, he makes good use of both to capture the ambiences he encounters and bring back plants from other lands. Colours, contrasting textures and vegetable verticalities become increasingly striking and present, until the traveller is fully immersed in them.

Inside, across each of the star's inner angles stands a stained-glass window, an opening to another world. Seen as so many benchmarks, constraints or attachments to a reality, the visitor must leave them behind or step over them. The visitor is lost in his thoughts, and then departs. Each window consists of three superimposed layers of glass adorned with one of three originally silk-screened Fatima rosette patterns, each featuring a different -sized blue or green rosette.

Today, the agency makes good use of its long experience and the skills available to it, and is active in every stage of transformation, promotion and preservation of territories. The first layer's kiln-formed, undulating surface creates the illusion that the motifs are moving within the depth of a transparent space of contrast. Limits melt away, constraints recede. Courtesy the artist and Martine et Thibault de la Chatre gallery.

The polygon has returned to the fore. Henceforth, it is the garden that encompasses us. In harmony with a deep blue rosette set on the floor at the center of the space, these windows produce an astonishing, rare interplay of colors and light that conjures up a touch of magic.