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Causus rhombeatus Appearance Head has a dark brown or black V-shaped mark, the top of which points forward and finishes between the eyes. They prefer to live in wet grasslands and can be found at high altitudes. The bites are rarely fatal. Do not apply a tight bandage or tourniquet.

If bitten by a Boomslang, bandage the area and get to the hospital and receive anti-venom. They are not found in desert areas and are only found down the coastline up to around Port St. Night adder bites are extremely painful with swelling at the bite wound.

When in this defensive mode, it will readily strike. The colouring of the night adder varies from light browny-pink to light grey.

They are not often encountered on a guided safari, but you may stumble across them when you are camping by yourself. The boomslangs venom is haemotoxic and victims die from internal and external bleeding.

If given anti-venom the bites are often not fatal. They have a dark belly with two lighter stripes around the neck. They are so dangerous because they do not move out of human's way.

If you do get

Body is cylindrical and reasonably slender. If you do get their venom in your eyes rinse it out with lots of clean water as soon as possible.

Body is cylindrical