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Nevertheless, they fought bravely in major battles through and were able to counterpunch effectively in important regions through the rest of the war. The early setbacks in China from to left a power vacuum in the northern part of that country. Overall it was well written, and the fact that it was printed on glossy paper makes this book more likely to be picked up an read often. In summary, Kangzhan would be an excellent addition to any military book collection. The few tanks that were available were old tanks of British, French, or Russian origin.

The work integrates

From the Five Extermination Campaigns of the Nationalist Revolutionary Army to eliminate the Communists to the Manchurian Incident of are also described in detail. In other words, a division force structure that may be work in Europe may not be appropriate in China given the lack of resources in men and equipment. Tanks are another example of weapons in short supply. The communist simply sent their agents to organize and manage the various villages and towns to a point where they became the de facto government of that region. Although some would argue that China was not helpless in that arena.

This guide covers weapons from small arms to light artillery. The work integrates Chinese, Japanese and Western sources to examine the details of the structure and weapons of the period. One example was the lack of trained artillery units for each division. For example it covered the covered the events of the China, Burma, India Campaign as a separate chapter.

This guide covers weapons

However, even these units had face the same frustrating limitations that plagued the rest of the Chinese military. Included are tables of organization and strength reports for the wartime period. This act of high treason was one of the risks of employing private armies at the time. The best part of this book is that it includes a vast array of photographs as well as tabled information about these weapons.