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Therefore he did not get a chance to tell him goodbye. What I learnt early on is that fame does not equal money. Though King Kaka does not come out explicitly as poking other rappers, Fena Gitu, best speaks for him mentioning that other rappers are jealous to watch King Kaka running the Kenyan rap scene. Here he wears his entertainment hat and gives you the best beats to dance to as you celebrate life. It is a song you would love to be played at your wedding as you give your vows of honor to stay with your loved one forever.

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While another wants to be living in the first lane, the other just wants the company of her sweetheart. This song was one of the biggest hit in as it featured some of the best artists of that time. This song preaches the same message a reggae icon, Richie spice talked about in a song titled the same, Yap Yap.

King Kaka is one of the few rappers of the world that have served in the university in the capacity of a lecturer. This song tells a story of the hustle of a real artist, and any artist can relate to how juggling between family time and hustle time can be complicated. Hip Hop found its way in Kenya in the s.

The writer is an award-winning musician and an entrepreneur. Though I still feel that this song was inspired by Unforgettable, the song speaks of lost love. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This song also brought him face to face with criticism from the artists he mentioned to have shoved him aside when he needed them. She uniquely puts a light touch on all issues that she addresses.

When you push boundaries on what you do, you move into frontiers and realms that have never been tested before. Jokes aside, he easily picks the baton from Uko Flani. As the title of the song suggests, philly dating the song is about thug life.

This song talks about different kinds of people in Nairobi. Therefore you should not be so concerned about what people say about how you are living because you are the one who has earned the kind of life you live. The song brought so much fun with it as every artist brought his or her best game.

This song is about the hustles an artist grows through to establish the right connections within artists who are already in the showbiz and doing big. Taking us from the comfort zones of what we know and unlearning the wrongs as we re-learn better ways to live to the best versions of ourselves. If you are a sentimental person, you might find yourself shedding a tear or two whenever this song plays.

The original song by Ayub was a big hit that was translated into more than fifteen languages, but the remix of the song is even more meaningful now that it was used for a social cause. Speculation was that the wedding announcement was a stunt. Zari Hassan warns Diamond's expectant Kenyan lover to prepare for single motherhood. She joined the music industry in the year where she started working on her first mix-tape consume with producer Kevin Provoke of Provoke Music. When you view this song, the first thing that strikes is a bride walking out on the altar during a wedding.

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He joined the industry in the year while pursuing his Economics degree in the University of Nairobi. In the University, he teachers about Music, Entrepreneurship, and Mentorship. He also talks about the sacrifices he has made to make sure the industry rose from the point he found it. For the longest time now the rapper has been revealing the tough times he went through while growing up and how hard his mother worked to make sure she put bread on the table. King Kaka gets arrested in the video, but after the cops ransack his backpack, they find out that he is only hawking his albums and decides to free him.

Making Sense of Kaka Sungura Rabbit King Kaka as One Person

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In this song, he stamps his quest for love with poetic verses, online detailing the qualities of the woman he dates. The loved one begins by complaining about how her lover spends most of his time running in the streets while she is sleeping on empty sheets. This song is very heart-wrenching. He was not only flowing well but also unleashed some thought-provoking wisdom in his lyrics.

The song video is done in the arid land, presumably in Turkana and features King Kaka working with international organizations to give help to the needy in these areas. King Kaka Wedding As expected, the news of his wedding in February got social media talking. He would carry on this role to the mainstream music industry where he has been mentoring and bringing up new artists under his stable, Kaka Empire. Kaka Sungura might be known by so many pseudonyms, but his real name is Kennedy Ombima and was born in Nairobi Eastlands. Even without engaging in the philanthropic expeditions, Rabbit Kaka Sungura songs are enough to encourage the ghetto youth to believe in their dreams and work forth to achieve them.

Khaligraph has made a great impact in the kenyan music industry with his catchy flow and art of rhyming. This song is very painful, but also very real. The Elani trio who King Kaka featured in this song does justice to the bridges and the chorus, making the song a sad tune, yet easy to sing along. It consists of a stylized rhythmic beat that is accompanied by a rhythmic rhyming speech called rap.


Trending Kaka Sugura songs

Making Sense of Kaka Sungura Rabbit King Kaka as One Person Lit

However, the sweet voice of Suziah soothes your emotions when you the pain King Kaka went through subdues you. Kakamega nominated senator sets tongues wagging after flaunting photos of attractive daughter. It further delves into the traps that politicians put Kenyans through to get voted back into the system that is perpetuated by wanton corruption. Some of them even went as far as telling him that he was not a true hip-hop artist. The beats are upbeat, and the lyrics are very relaxed.

This guy has a crazy thinking which is portrayed in his lyrics. Finally we can put a face to it. On the chapati shopping list, I included a notebook and pen, and got started on my resolutions.

The song features the bongo flavour crooner, tumblr Barnaba who adds flavour to the song by singing an easy-to-sing-along chorus. Wacha vile watu wanasema I am the ultimate hustler. He talks about how he rose from nothing to being a notable rapper in Kenya. That saying that your network is your net worth is absolutely true.

The beats assume the pace of old rap, the kind Eazy E would have loved to flow to. If you have ever lost a loved one and wished for a tune that can help you overcome the dark emotions, then this song will be the right medicine in the right dose for you. What matters is how you translate that fame into money. He is one of the promising artists who will emerge great in the future.

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The song is about celebrating life because that is what you have earned. King Kaka is known for lyrical prowess and sharing wisdom in his songs. In this song, he preaches the opposite of what he initially preached. Celebrated singer Suzanna Owiyo surprisingly endorses viral youth song Wamlambez.

  • He has inspired many youths to rise.
  • Pascal Tokodi further laces this song with his vocal power, adding an overdose of romanticism to this song.
  • The beats are laid back, and creates no distraction, making this song a tune you can listen to in the background as you work.
  • The video is set in simple environments that favor the taste of youthful viewers.
  • The song talks about a person who had lost a friend but wishes they could keep conversing as before the death occurred.

Kaka Sungura s Net Worth

  1. Any small business hawker knows the officers well.
  2. This song is also a self-praise song that most hip-hop artists are known for.
  3. The song reminds you of how two people can be so much in love yet have so many different desires.
  4. She is a Kenyan-Norwegian rapper.

In this song, King Kaka does not try to teach as he usually does. This is a party song, but unlike most one-hit wonders that most club bangers are known for, the lyricism in this song will keep in it in our radios for long. But I also wanted to make money for gigs, which were not coming my way. They were selling like crazy, and the money finally started flowing in. Since then there have been upcoming artists every year.

This is one of the best Kaka Sungura video songs, as the setting was simple, but the visual effects and the video script were on point. The song, though he does not mention it, sounds like a hit-back track. So long ago Ayud Ogad composed a song title Koth Biro. It is lyrical tight kama budget ya fukara.


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