Jelly Bean 4.1

Pseudo-locales make it easier to test your app's localization. They can be entirely self-contained, such as a widget that offers controls to play music, or they can let users jump straight to an Activity in your app, after unlocking along the way as needed. If you're in a new area, Google Now can recommend nearby restaurants and other places of interest. App widgets can now be displayed in third party launchers and other host apps through a new bind Intent AppWidgetManager.

One month with Android's new secret weapon. For parents, this means you can create parental controls and for retailers, you can turn their tablet into a kiosk.

And with a captured screenshot, you can expand to get an option to share the image right then and there. The new options expose features for debugging and profiling your app from any device or emulator.

Jelly Bean - Android Codename

What is Jelly Bean (Android Codename) Webopedia Definition

You can now create groups of Renderscript scripts and execute them all with a single call as though they were part of a single script. The notification pulldown has a new look, with larger text and more gray and white in place of blue. For developers, lock screen widgets offer a great new way to engage users. More debugging information visible through the uiautomatorviewer tool.

In addition to the templated styles, you can create your own notification styles using any remote View. The system updates the on-screen graphs continuously, displaying a graph for each visible Activity, including the navigation bar and notification bar. When users connect a keyboard, they can go to the Settings app and select one or more keymaps that they want to use for that keyboard. The lock screen displays each widget in its own panel, letting users swipe left and right to view different panels and their widgets. The search box at the top of the home screen has a new frosted type of look.

Pseudo-locales simulate the language, script, and display characteristics associated with a locale or language group. Users remain in control of which apps can receive notifications. All screen sizes now feature the status bar on top, with pull-down access to notifications and a new Quick Settings menu. In particular, drawing is optimized for layers, clipping and certain shapes rounded rects, circles and ovals.

What is Jelly Bean (Android Codename) Webopedia DefinitionWEBOPEDIA NEWS

The possibilities are practically endless. In most cases, the new platform technologies and enhancements do not directly affect your apps, so you can benefit from them without any modification. This results in a more reactive and uniform touch response.

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Notifications have long been a popular Android feature because they let users see information and updates from across the system, all in one place. For more advanced uses, apps can post a callback that the Choreographer class will run on the next frame. Apps can store and retrieve contact photos at that size or use any other size needed. You can also now specify that a ViewPropertyAnimator use a layer during the course of its animation.

Jelly Bean 4.3

You can also supply separate landscape and portrait layouts for your widgets, which the system inflates as appropriate when the screen orientation changes. For example, you could let users connect to a webcam, a printer, or an app on another mobile device that supports Wi-Fi peer-to-peer connections. As it turns out, the way Jelly Bean looks on a tablet depends upon the size of said tablet.

Apps can query the device manager to enumerate all of the input devices currently attached and learn about the capabilities of each. The familiar system bar appears on the bottom, with buttons easily accessible from either hand. For example, the runnable might specify another animation to start when the previous one finishes.

The most impressive new thing in Jelly Bean search, without a doubt, autocad 2013 trial version autodesk is the revamped voice search system. Is your device getting Jelly Bean? Jelly Bean has plenty of other surprises.

Apps can build on this to deliver new kinds of interaction and entertainment experiences to users. When you move your finger over the lock screen, for example, a circle of tiny dots follows your touch. You can even create custom versions of layout, drawables, and other resources for display when a right-to-left script is in use.

Overlays are particularly useful when you want to create animations such as sliding a view outside of its container or dragging items on the screen without affecting the view hierarchy. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Improved window buffer allocation results in a faster image buffer allocation for your apps, reducing the time taken to start rendering when you create a window.

Along with the song and artist info, Google's Sound Search widget gives you a one-tap option to buy the track directly from the Google Play Store. For devices that do not have the supported hardware, Android automatically downmixes the audio to the number of channels that are supported by the device usually stereo. This is useful for apps using the camera that want to disable rotation while shooting video. Personalized SafeSearch Voice Search. You can also add features to your widgets that might be especially useful or convenient on the lock screen.

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