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Commercial application packages and compilers which are used in teaching courses are not readily affordable by all students for personal use. Instruction is asynchronous when it does not constrain the student to involvement in the learning process at a specific time, for example, when lectures are presented at a fixed time of the day. Applets need to be fast, due to time limitations in a classroom environment. Where is the use of Java applets most appropriate, and why? Topics of choice chould be ones that pose special difficulties in learning or require a much-needed illustration.

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Applications of Java Applets In what contexts can applets be used? Java applets are accessible on the client-side, hence are faster than programs running on remote servers. The following are some scenarios in which Java applets have been used. There are various pedagogical considerations and questions that need to be asked when considering the use of Java applets for educational purposes. In the present educational system, english songs for android teaching hours including the instructor's office hours are often insufficient for students.

Until recently, results from one application usually could not be shared by remote users in real-time. Concept Illustrating Applets. Are they freely available?

What issues should be considered before and during such a use? Limitations of Java Syntax.

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Students of all ages have built amazing things, from hobby projects to world-changing initiatives. Java can take you where you want to go. Symbolic algebraic Computation. It does not have a complex data type, which is often required in many areas of, for example, Mathematics and Physics.

Since such approaches are generic, and not education specific, we have not included them in the above discussion. Java applets can complement a lecture and sessions with such information which is difficult to convey in traditional manner. The use of applets along with desirable multimedia support, provides a representation that is often better in communicating a concept than a static figure s or a written description. Such issues are being addressed, and hopefully the situation will get better as the language evolves. This can increase the range of questions that can be asked, as now one is not restricted to the paper format.

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Multi-platform versions of educational software are scarce, and often have a strong dependency on the underlying hardware. All programming should conform with the standard methodologies of software engineering. Classroom demonstrations are an essential component of subjects that are practically-oriented. They can thus save time in explaining the algorithmic implementations.

We will introduce some of these later. Addition and Multiplication Tables in Various Bases. Distributed and Network Computing.

Transferability and Adaptability. This can lead to a better understanding on part of students. For example, chemical reaction simulation or rate of convergence of a numerical method of integration or motion of a pendulum. It may also be, at times, difficult for the learner to appreciate and understand the concept behind an applet unless it is supplemented by corresponding help document.

Platform Independence and Portability. It is said that a language is only as good as the applications that can be written in it. Knowing Java will be a clear advantage in your future career. During individual study, use of hypertext helps students to recall concepts already learnt and access prerequisites for a topic, in a natural manner not possible in a plain text environment.

This can be difficult to extend and maintain. If such applets are being used over an Intranet, this problem can be circumented to a certain extent. Among the different types of programs that can be written in Java, we are primarily interested in applets.

Such information can usually not be represented, distributed and communicated in paper form and even using a blackboard or overhead-projector with transparencies due to various limitations. But, in practice, there is. These applets can serve as examples of concepts being learnt as well as illustrating a phenomena. The need for physical proximity can thereby be reduced. Java applets can thus provide a better user interaction.

Assessment is fundamental to every learning process. Examples of several ways in which applets can improve mathematics instruction.

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Beyond their ability to better convey certain concepts, the applets can increase motivation and instill greater interest among students, and encourage them to be more actively involved in the class. For example, any subjects that involve the study of concepts from graphics, animation or sound. These applets are similar to the Help files in Windows-based programs where by clicking on a tab or choosing an item from a pull-down menu, the user can obtain more information on the topic.

Instruction is distant when it does not constrain the student to be physically present in a specific location, for example, when lectures are presented only in a fixed classroom. We assumes that the user is familiar, at least at an elementary level, with the notion of Java applets. The results of development of Java applets in one instance can be transferable and adaptable to various other learning situations.

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This also gives students an opportunity to make their own conjectures and experiment with them. It also lacks in the area of floating-point representation. Identifying and addressing these problems can help avoid potential bottlenecks during their use.