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Effect of anisotropy, kinematical hardening, and strain-rate sensitivity on the predicted axial crush response of hydro-formed aluminum alloy tubes, Int. Forging is a forming method without any chips development, which is mainly used for serial produced machine parts with improved mechanical properties. Strong consistency of the modified method is established. Mechanical and anisotropic behaviors of aluminum alloy sheets, Mater.

Sarma, Sahith Rampelli, Dr. Sub parts are rearranged in to rows and column matrices. Modelling, Identification and Control, Paper No. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Vol.

It is intended to use this work as basis for future research work in the area of cooperative behavior of mobile robots. Antennas and Propagation, vol.

Forging is a forming method withoutEffect of anisotropy kinematical hardening and

If the effects of these particles could be eliminated, then this would improve the reliability of compressed gas insulated substation. There are several such algorithms devised for denoising, each having their own merits and demerits. Here an optimal forging model was searched for, moreover the connection between the variation of the mechanical properties and the scale of the deformation. New ablative material has been introduced for more getting more promising results.

The presence of contamination can therefore be a problem with gas insulated substations operating at high fields. Robots when networked offer many benefits such as increased maneuverability and efficiency.

Feature vector based on eigen vectors of sub images is used for recognition Image is partitioned in to sub images. Global feature vector is generated and used for face recognition.

Eigenvectors are computed for these matrices.