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They seldom need help to carry out any work and so the dependency reduces manifold. They know what and how one needs to go about in order to achieve things for the betterment of the country.

They seldom need help to carryThey know what and how one

If a country has to grow in all spheres, the growth must be inclusive, and that is only possible when the youth brigade is wholeheartedly involved in the government machinery. With ever evolving ideas and new methods of doing things, the youth brings in new ideas that propel the productivity. And, so the old and archaic method of working is put behind and new methods are put into place, which makes the process faster, easier and reaches a much wider audience than before.

Youth brings in more innovation and more energy in the sphere that paves way for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Here are few reasons that tell us why it is absolutely quintessential to have the youth involved in the making of a successful nation. The crowd looks up to him for everything and tries to imbibe his ways.