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Speaking of leaving, if there is an emergency at the barn any time of day or night, we are going. What will your happily ever after be like? Tons of fashions, chic styles, and three skin tones are available!

He's undeniably elegant, but awfully cold. In the end, he'll sacrifice anything for the one he loves. Do you really want us to get the thermometer? And give us duct tape and Bondo and we can fix about anything.

We do not want to be alerted when you poop. You might be surprised to find out that this palace playboy also has a more serious side to him. The Equestrian-Network is a Singles Community. This is a love simulation otome game of royal proportions! When you put it on our finger and tears well up in our eyes, it is not out of love.

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Main criteria is having down to earth country values and a desire to meet other like-minded folks. Play to experience the drama of exciting mini stories outside of the main story. First of all, congratulations. Get into new situations with your favorite suitors, and clear endings to get bonus items and attire pieces! If you wake at night with a stomachache, you can get up and walk your own self around.

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Will you pick the sassy knight? Yes, we are going out to eat looking and smelling like this. Equestrian riders, both men and women, are turning here to find a date and possibly even love.

We are the equestrian match and equestrian cupid, are gavin free and meg turney dating for cowboy cowgirl dating! Take your gameplay to the next level by totally customizing your avatar's look.

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Our community is the leader in social networking. With a host of sexy men coming and going from the palace, who will be your first choice? Here, your choices determine your destiny! We practice full disclosure right from the beginning. Team up with your friends to clear the events faster and get every event ending!

It is because we are agonizing over what a great saddle we could have bought for that much money. Compete with other princesses and raise your stats in the Princess Lessons mini game!

And the palace is full of ikemen - hot guys! Your seductive palace tutor?

Just start a conversation with us. All we need is for you to be trainable in the basics. At first you find him gruff and surly, but you soon discover he's fiercely loyal to those he cares about, with a strong sense of duty and honor. Add to Wishlist Install In a twist of fate, you've become the princess of your country. And those are just the pictures we took today.

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Equestrian Singles is serious about finding love. If you want to buy us something special to wear, wrap up a shadbelly.

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The mysterious king of a neighboring country? To complete the Cinderella fairytale, you'll win or obtain a full wardrobe of adorable clothes and accessories to dress your avatar in! Will you be the first woman he opens up to? Rumors of Byron's stern manner have made their way across the border, but he's also fiercely beloved by his people. Simply immerse yourself in this world, and your happy ending with the man of your dreams awaits.

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Let us do the job of playing your cupid! You can count on us to do whatever it takes in a pinch.