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Insert a retainer spring through the holes in the link rods to secure the front of the mower cutting deck to the tractor chassis. Place a flat washer onto each lift link pin. Attachment procedures are identical for all positions.

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The Ramp Override Switch is located rear of the ramp in the lower wall panel. She received her Bachelor's degree from West Virginia University. In some cases, you might find a used Craftsman mower for sale that doesn't have a mower deck attached.

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The left and right side belt keepers are located directly behind the engine pulley, in front of the cutting deck. The wheelchair should be Wheelchair passengers and attendants when ap- positioned in the center of the ramp at all times. Two lap belt Position of the lap belt buckle, after adjustment, lucent heart dating system is to extensions are supplied for securement of the wheel- be located near hip position.

The lap belt extensions are equipped low and snugly. Place the clutch cable housing guide collar onto the housing guide.

Slide the riding lawnmower motion control lever, located on the right side rear fender, into the neutral position. The override by-pass- es the electronic control system to electrically power the ramp. Push the L-shaped link rod ends through the holes in the front mower cutting deck brackets. Slide the mower deck suspension arm on the pin.

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Drive the riding lawnmower around your yard while engaging and disengaging the cutting deck blades to check for proper mower deck operation. The attachment clutch lever is located on the right side operator's panel directly beside the steering wheel. The idler pulley arm is located on the top right side of the mower cutting deck. Generic seat position Lap and Shoulder Harness shown. The park brake lever is located on the bottom left side of the operator panel just below the steering wheel.

Installation of a Craftsman Mowing Deck

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Slide the suspension arm retainer spring through the suspension arm pin to fasten the mower deck suspension arm securely to the tractor chassis. Slip the left and right rear lift links over the rear lift link pins. Keep Keep clear of clear of area in which the ramp operates.