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Group Relations Conferences by Eliat Aram download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Encouragement by conference staff to reach out across boundaries and be curious about what was happening in other silos, was a useful way of improving understanding and relationships. Modest discounts are available for current students, employees in not-for-profit organizations and for organizations sending three or more members. After you are contacted, if you are able to attend the conference, you will be sent the conference brochure and asked to complete the same registration process as the students enrolled in the course. Group Relations conferences are a vital ingredient for anyone interested in developing and deepening their leadership strategy.

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The best-known of these conferences is the Leicester conference. We are looking forward to learning with you. Finally, all members are charged a registration fee, which can be paid via check or credit card. Group Relations A conference participant may expect to develop their capacity to manage themselves in the multiple roles necessary for contemporary leadership. Fall, conference is closed to registration.