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Or worse, there is redundancy, or forced retirement, or asylum seeking which prevents us from contributing or using our gifts. We needed a helper for our working, so working is about relationships. The way we work has changed profoundly in recent years. Work is meant to be a great gift, but we sometimes make it a great idol. But even here work is less secure and less predictable, forcing us to adapt.

In fact, Australians have amongst the longest working days in developed countries. Like creatures that fail to adapt to rising sea levels and the sudden onset of natural disasters, there are species of worker bees who will cease to do what they have always taken to be their job. Work gives us dignity, and a sense of purpose. Preservation tells the story of three sea merchants from the Sydney Cove, marooned on Colonial Australia.

Work relationships are fraught with conflict. What she finds is an incredibly profits-driven field where scant time is devoted to bringing compassion and mindfulness into the medical practice. He claims that there is greater job insecurity and tougher management attitudes that contribute to a growing difficulty in workers finding balance between their work and the rest of their lives.

David Peetz writes about the growing

Put the two together and we have the perfect storm. For others, though, it represents a deepening of risk and insecurity. The challenges of the ageing population are addressed in a few pieces within the edition. It consumes our days, distracts us from our friends and families, or drives us to early graves through stress or exhaustion or bitterness.

These are the questions posed in The Way We Work. Hay details a changing landscape that means people now work for reasons beyond that of generating income and where insecure jobs such as limited-term contracts are on the rise. In this, Hay questions the validity of her job as a writer.

Kara is a regular book reviewer for Eternity. David Peetz writes about the growing uncertainty of our work environment.

Kara is a regular book reviewer