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Made of goat hooves attached to a cloth, the belt rattles when shaken. This kind of image-magic involving statues is the bread and butter of ancient sorcery. Gods and Their Demonic Emissaries The god Seth or Set is often advanced as the archetype of the demonic entity and leader of the demonic horde. Manjour, an instrument used in Zar ritual dance. The lioness goddess Sekhmet can also bring disease, being responsible for the annual epidemics of plague to strike Egypt in the dangerous interregnum between the old year and the new.

When it comes to the old Egypt, the study of these supernatural entities is still in its infancy. His principal informant was Abd al-Radi, a man regularly possessed by the ghost of his uncle from which state he passed messages to those who came to seek his help. Bring the messenger of Amon who hath him. The ancient documents above demonstrate a more nuanced approach to a demonic reality, so the jury is still out as to whether this had a positive or negative effect on the ancient mind. Public Domain Over the last few years, several new studies have extended this work.

They also have an ongoing existence after the pharaonic culture, the end of Paganism, the rise of Christianity, the coming of Islam and even into our own modern era. There is a clear continuity for these entities through time.

Egyptian scene with demons

For instance, the terrifying Pazuzu as seen in the first few frames of the horror movie The Exorcist. Horrible Plague-Bringers Magic often involves interactions with disease entities, supernatural or divine personifications of terrible plagues or smallpox. It can be a power the magician casts or throws at a hostile entity, or a power that possesses the magician bestowing the ability to conjure and prophesize.

The technique of animating statues

Egyptian scene with demons Image via author Historically, the existence of something recognizable as demonic is first recorded even before written records, in images from Ice Age rock art. The technique of animating statues with divine entities is a core technique of Egyptian magical practice. Since the s the academic study of magic has been revolutionized by practitioners and academics such as Robert Ritner. From a royal tomb in the Valley of the Kings, Thebes, Egypt. Demons such as Hatayw, Shamayw and Akhw are common names in the Egyptian language.

This is a clear example of where one fights fire with fire. In Ptolemaic Thebes there was a full-blown cult of the Hatayw genies that had its own dedicated prophet or Hem-neter. Executed on a very thin white paper, the amulet comprises a number of magic squares, Qur'anic verses, and divine or holy names all intended to bring good luck or provide protection to its owner.