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The hoodwinks should not be replaced, but the candidates should remain unblinded until the end of the ritual, in this case. You will now pass to the third point of our order. The third point of the Fraternity comprises Patriotism and Cleanliving. The skull represents Brotherhood unto Death.

If there be several candidates, only the first will place his hand on the Bible, the others will kneel in a line behind and place their hands left on the shoulder of the one in front. Master of Ceremonies conducts them before the four points who are standing together in the following numerical order from right to left. As you stand before me, your first official appearance in this Body, you appear to be a clean, upright man, and as such you are worthy to receive the mysteries of Omega Gamma Delta. The three precepts of Omega. Love of Parents involves that circumspect behaviour with which all men are sacredly obliged to conduct themselves, so that they will bring pride and joy to their Mothers and Fathers.

Master of Ceremonies conducts them

Let it be impressed, however, that the preferred method is to eliminate the hoodwink or blindfold. If it should be that the Brothers who are performing the ceremony are not well rehearsed in the ritual, then the candidates should be hoodwinked or blindfolded. Apart from saving you even more money, you get the simplicity of everything on one bill from one provider. The second point of our Fraternity symbolizes Reverence and Love of Parents.

Reverence embodies that emotion of profound respect and veneration which every Omegaman must feel towards God and Life. You will now pass to the second point of our order. It should never be undertaken by any chapter without rehearsal. This is important to many businesses and organisations that need to comply with environmental policies, particularly in the public sector where carbon reduction is a key objective.

You are now fully received into Omega Gamma Delta. Master of Ceremonies prepares candidate to take Oath. Master of Ceremonies conducts new Brother to a chair. As one who is seeking Brotherhood, let it be impressed upon you that the first point of our Fraternity embraces the virtues of Comradeship and Fidelity.

No need to dial any prefix numbers or install special equipment. Gamma Delta have been presented to you, and you now stand ready to be informed in the fourth point of the Order.

In this way, the performers will be able to look squarely into the eyes of the Candidate and honestly convince the newcomer of the sincerity of Omega and its ritual. Where possible, and a few hours of practice will suffice, the entire procedure should be committed to the memory of the officers who are to participate. Be seated, and thereby join into the fellowship of your new Brothers.

If there be several candidates

Wait until the Princeps has been informed of your request and his answer returned. Ceremony of Initiation The performance of the ritual of Initiation into the Fraternity composcs a veiy important procedure. Admit him and escort him before me. Three gold stars on black background. CallGuard can protect your business from criminals hacking into your phone system and making expensive international calls using your phone number.