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The sea contains many varieties of

The plain reaches to the foot of the mountain chain, which, running East and West, forms a natural line of division. Upper Galilee may have included the land as far as the gorge of the LiTany, which, again, would have formed a natural boundary to the N. Baked fish with tahini is also common in Tiberias while the coastal Galileans prefer to replace the tahini with yogurt and add sumac on top.

The fig and the vine are still cultivated with success. The sea contains many varieties of fish in great numbers.

After the kingdom of the Argotiers, came the Empire of Galilee. In Galilee also the Messianic hope was cherished with the deepest intensity. Modern methods of agriculture are being employed in the Jewish colonies, which are rapidly increasing in number. The name Qana el-Jelil, the exact Arabic equivalent of Kana tes Galilaias, is also heard among the natives.

To the North of this the waters of the sea almost touch the foot of the steep slope. They were eminent for patriotism and courage, as were their ancestors, with great respect for law and order. The southern border ran along the base of Carmel and of the hills of Samaria to Mount Gilboa, and then descended the valley of Jezreel by Scythopolis to the Jordan. Slowly, perhaps, but surely, the old order is giving place to the new. The indigo plant is grown in the plain of Gennesaret.

Northward the plain widens into the marshy breadths of el-BaTeichah, and once more we reach the Jordan, flowing smoothly through the fiat lands to the sea. It seems as if all nature had gone to rest, languishing under the scorching heat. Peter and Andrew, James and John. His reign, therefore, covered the whole life of Jesus, with the exception of His infancy. Because of its climate, beef has become more popular than lamb, although both are still eaten there.

The fig and the vine are

Once it burst from the South. But from their mute testimony we gather that the lake in the valley which is now so quiet was once the center of a busy and prosperous population. It contains the Arab village of Cana. Tourism in Israel Galilee is a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists who enjoy its scenic, recreational, and gastronomic offerings. This technique exists in other parts of the country including the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.