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Why we exist Britain has a deep social mobility problem. Our students found it really relatable because the alumni had been in their shoes. This included supporting Future First to pilot working in Scotland for the first time. Already students have proactively approached me for careers advice, as they start to think about their future plans and what will motivate them for upcoming exams.

Our students found it really relatableWhy we exist Britain has a

They also wanted to give back by joining the alumni network when they leave. Employability is an issue in Havering so we try to prepare our students for the world of work as much as possible, focusing on confidence and careers to support their futures. Staff from across the Trust participate, including staff from communications, research, grants and investments. So when the idea of working with Future First and engaging our alumni was first floated by the Head, I saw the value in it straight away.

It was fantastic for our students to be able to hear from a variety of alumni all on one day and to speak to people who had sat in the same seats as them. Initially, this mentoring started off with one male pupil but he engaged with it so well that he actually asked if his friends could also be mentored. We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from both alumni and students about the day.

They all came away with food for thought, not one said that it had been a waste of time. They gave them a really good insight into the different routes and world of work in general as all the bases were covered. In addition to these workshops, I have also invited alumni back for our mock interview days and as mentors. Having grown up in the same community and sat in the same classrooms former students are ideal volunteers to be such role models. The alumni also showcased how paths can change direction and this is something that the students really took away, in addition to showing more focus and confidence in themselves.