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Family At Stake by Molly O'Keefe download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Of course, putting their shared past behind them is easier said than done. Rachel is an interesting and complex heroine, and I really liked her. Almost from the moment I picked it up I was dying to know what really happened to Amanda.

Both Mac and Rachel

But when she enters Mac's life once again her feelings began coming back to life and I thought the author handled this really well. Overall, I found this book really engrossing. She refuses to eat, and seldom talks to him.

The main reason is probably just that I have been busier, and a shorter, quick read often appeals to me. Rachel needs to figure out the best way to help Amanda, because she is sure that she is the only person who can get to the bottom of the situation and really help her. The resolution, when it comes, is realistic and satisfying.

Both Mac and Rachel are worthy characters. There is another book a bout Rachel's brother and since I enjoyed this one so well, I think I'll give it a read too. Rachel resolves to get to the bottom of the situation. The friendship aspect of the story works really well here. Word gets out, and her job is on the line.

There were other issues haunting her that Rachel got to the bottom of, and helped her through. It hurt to leave behind her best friend and recent lover Mac, but she knew that getting out was the only way to preserve her sanity. As she tries to figure out the best way to help, she also needs to resolve issues from her own past. His wife died in an accident, and initially Amanda seemed to be doing okay.

There is another book

And then there is her attraction to Mac. But the premise sounded interesting enough to give a try. But lately she has been completely unresponsive. He married badly on the rebound, and his daughter Amanda was born shortly thereafter.

At the same time, Rachel is able to help Amanda with the demons that have been bothering her since mothers death. Horrified, Rachel goes back to her hometown to check out the situation herself. When her close friend Olivia is promoted, Rachel takes on some of her old cases.