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This should also be reciprocal

Moreover, only users present in the network can be added as friends. You need to use an appropriate data structure to support efficient searching, inserting, and deleting. Create a social network application called FaceSpace.

Adds a profile with a given name to the list of friends of the given user. Note that there may be cases where two users are not connected at all. Other work has focused on the public display of risky behaviour e. We assume all the friendships are reciprocal.

Each node in the graph

With two-way interaction an important and novel feature of health promotion interventions in this medium, we also present strategies trialled to generate interest and engagement in our intervention.

This should also be reciprocal. Each node in the graph represents a user profile, and an edge connects two users if they are friends. In other words, if Bob adds Alice into his list of friends, Bob will also be added into Alice's list of friends. All user profiles should be uniquely identified by their names.