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Keep in mind that you'll need access to the email associated with your account. Our guided help tool can walk you through the steps to resolve your issue.

If your Facebook account has been disabled, you'll see a message saying your account is disabled when you try to log in. It's a more secure way to log in than with just an email address and password. We can't restore accounts that were disabled for severe violations of the Facebook Community Standards.

Pages not associated with a Business Manager will keep using role-based permissions. You need more than one ad account. If you have Trusted Contacts set up, learn how to get help from them to get back into your account.

If you don't yet have a Page for your business, create one. Coworkers can only see your name, the work email address you provide when you log into Business Manager for the first time and the list of Pages and ad account you have access to. Before you begin Make sure that you have a personal Facebook account to confirm your identity. Code Generator is a security feature for your Facebook app used with two-factor authentication. What do you get with Business Manager?

You can also get alerts when someone tries logging in from a computer we don't recognize. How can I make my Facebook password strong?

Why choose Business Manager? When an email is changed, we send a message to the previous email account with a special link.

In this section, tasks are listed here in order from more access to less access. If the email associated with your Facebook account has changed, you can reverse this.

Business Manager accounts are created with your personal Facebook profile to verify your identity. Learn how to fix problems with logging in. If you think your account has been hacked or taken over, you should visit this page to secure your account. Two-factor authentication is a security feature that helps protect your Facebook account in addition to your password.

Once you've reached your limit of Business Manager accounts, this cap may not be lifted. Employees can view information in business settings but can't make any changes. Once you've granted them access to your Business Manager, use task-based permissions to grant access to your assets. About Business Manager Roles and Permissions. You'll need to have at least one of these set up in order to use two-factor authentication.

Facebook login page

Don't have a Facebook profile? If you can't get into your Facebook account and you already have Trusted Contacts set up, you can request help from them to get back into your account. We disable Facebook accounts that don't follow the Facebook Terms. Business Manager is an easier way to manage permissions for everyone who works on your Pages, ad accounts, mobile games for samsung galaxy ace plus and assets. Add Pages to Your Business Manager.

How do I know if my Facebook account has been disabled? Toggle on admin access to give the user access to manage the asset and perform all tasks available. They can also see the list of Pages and ad accounts you have access to in Business Manager.

If you have clients you can request access to their Pages and ad accounts to become an analyst or advertiser. You can click this link to reverse the email change and secure your account. Then add people to the assets they need to work on. You can also make the password more complex by making it longer with a phrase or series of words that you can easily remember, but no one else knows.

What is Code Generator and how does it work? The first level refers to access level when you add people to your Business Manager. You can also review these tools and tips to help keep your account safe.

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Create a Business Manager. You can also use it if you ever need to reset your password. You can allow specific, role-based access to ad accounts, Pages, and other assets that your business manages, as well as easily see who's working on what.

It's recommended that you share the least amount of access that allows them to do their work. Learn what to do if you can't reset your password because you can't access the email address or phone number listed on your account.

Your name and the work email address you provide when you log in to Business Manager for the first time. For each person and asset, you can grant access to specific tasks you'd like the person to perform.

Facebook login pageFacebook login page

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Learn what to do if you can't find your account from the Find Your Account page. If you don't have Trusted Contacts set up and you're having problems logging into your Facebook account, learn about other ways to get back into your account. Admins control all components of a Business Manager including modifying or deleting the business and adding or removing people from the employee list. When you join Business Manager, coworkers can't view your personal Facebook profile unless you've approved their friend request. Enter a name for your business, select the primary Page and enter your name and work email address.