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The dominant elites used social imperialism as the glue to hold together a fractured society and to maintain popular support for the social status quo. The British also collaborated with Indian officials to increase their influence in the region. Some detritus on the ground nearby is indistinct, leaving the mind to play on various possibilities, perhaps simply of haste on the part of those stoking the flames.

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China continued to be divided up into these spheres until the United States, which had no sphere of influence, grew alarmed at the possibility of its businessmen being excluded from Chinese markets. As in other cases, the sati is bare-breasted. Many princely states remained independent. Yet moral relativism, if that is what it is in this case, seems amply justified here.

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The task seems impossible, but, unknown even to Phileas, as the time approaches his resourceful servant Passepartout manages to insinuate himself onto the bier. The issue clearly caught the public imagination. After her rescue, Aouda provides the romantic interest of the plot, vividly demonstrating the rather unsavoury erotic element in the western response to suttee. The Wider Picture Suttee also says much about the whole colonial project.

They also planned, noncommittally, to end the slave trade in Africa. It is a sexed-up version of events, in which only the person in the far right of the foreground, with face hidden, seems distressed. Mannerheim was disguised as an ethnographic collector, using a Finnish passport.

Gorgeously attired Aouda precedes the palanquin bearing her husband's corpse. China was defeated, and in agreed to the provisions of the Treaty of Nanking.