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Misogyny is a hard stop for me. It's not a straight romcom about fake dating. There needed to be more build-up to the proposition of fake-dating as well as the time between fake-dating and real dating.

Evelyn Lozada

There are a few instances where Angel shows us exactly what a backbone is. But not only is this just kind of excused and brushed under the rug, he later shows up at her work and follows her. Maybe I'm being too harsh but I really wanted to love this because, come on!

Evelyn Lozada is my role model. Evelyn Lozada's book The Inner Circle was a fast pace and easy read but also very predictable.

Eve sleeping around like everybody else. Later than night Angel runs into him while she is bartending and Duke is drunk and hits on her rudely causing her to throw a drink in his face and get fired. Angel has a serious temper and she blows up at the drop of a hat.

Even thought this book is suppose to be the first book in a series I just can not see myself picking up the next installment it was just to predictable for me. Needless to say, I don't recommend this one. The world revolves around me, myself and I kind of attitude. The characters are I am disappointed to say that I found this book pretty bad overall. Aging ballplayer needs a ruse to revive his career I have a sports-romance addiction despite having avoided most sport.

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In the beginnin I feel like I was fooled into believing this would be a contemporary romance. Overall it was a fair attempt at a distracting, escapist romantic drama. The drama level in the story is off the charts. It was less quick fun romcom and more adult romance drama. The Duke ignores the advice of doctors and keeps playing on his messed up ankle and the people he hangs out with are all terrible.

It was so appallingly bad that I couldn't even get halfway through it. You root for the characters and you feel awful when illness strikes.

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Looking at her glistening skin and alert eyes, he suddenly had a strong urge to unpin her hair and run his fingers through it, let her long curls fly around free. There is no one to blame but myself. Was there no one around who spoke Spanish when they were editing it?

Love This book is so good. Jose is a huge baseball fan and has an asthma attac The Perfect Date cover gave me major The Proposal vibes which is why I thought this would be such good book to read! The ladies have an emotional moment before deciding to put the book away and keep it a secret for the time being. Angel was very admirable, tiger clip art trying to balance her life priorities and deal with some major challenges.

Inner Circle

Looking forward to this series! This story is grounded in truthfulness, which I definitely appreciated.

No matter what Evelyn will do anything to win. Lozada is absolutely in her element creating a narrative with dramatic flair.

We start the book introduced to Angel, a hardworking mother of one small boy, who is close to completing her exams to be a nurse. Keep it Real if nothing else. Angel is a single mother who got pregnant as a teenager.

Inner Circle

But her romance with Duke was lacking fire for me. Some scenes were just too long. And then she ends up kissing him? Overall I thought that this was more of a story of self growth and discovery within a romance. Inner Circle is a jaw-dropping peek into the lives of a group of women married to professional athletes.

The Perfect Date

The author presented a journey rather than a destination and I loved every bit of the ride. Honestly to summarize Angel. What did I like about the novel? She finer than every woman in here.

Inner Circle - Evelyn Lozada - Google Books