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Engaging Millennials for Ethical Leadership by Jessica McManus Warnell download in iPad, ePub, pdf

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This may not directly affect their ethical stance. We have written many posts about the importance of an ethical organizational culture and anti-corruption efforts, which reflect the Millennial push for both.

As organizational models continue to evolve, her analysis points to more robust, values-based talent development strategies that optimize engagement and performance. This hardly suggests the emergence of an obvious future ethical leader of one of our large corporations. So invest in Millennials as people.

Her research revealed that contrary to the stereotypes, millennials were willing to work hard when engaged. McManus stresses that sheer numbers alone make it imperative that businesses and corporations have an accurate understanding of millennials and their values. This is essential reading for all who believe that unyielding integrity is the ultimate competitive advantage. Among Millennials, flexible working has been shown to increase a sense of accountability in many areas.

We have written

Turnover among Millennials costs the U. Millennials want a combination of flexibility and stability. Her teaching, research and presentations explore business ethics, sustainable business, values-based decision making and managing millennials toward effective, ethical leadership. Ethics training similarly follows these credos.