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George gets his hands

Dorothy feels she is a prisoner in her own home and writes John a letter about wanting to elope with him. The cover type is gold, with some light green elements being used in the coats of arms and the drawing, and a whitish green for the sky in the drawing.

Elizabeth rouses a

Mary Stuart is ordered to England when her ring is found. Malcolm, by contrast, sees his cousin as too beautiful and strong-willed to make a good wife. George is demanded by the Rutland men to forfeit for Dorothy not marrying John.

Below that is the authors name. When Dorothy is informed Malcolm and his troops intend to murder Queen Elizabeth, she and John try to save her. As he leaves, Madge joins him, forgiving him, and they plan that she will accompany him to France as his wife. Queen Elizabeth announces she will behead the earl of Rutland and John for treason and orders Malcolm and his troops to arrest him. Mary also attempts to gain the allegiance of the Earl of Leicester, but he betrays her to Elizabeth, resulting in Malcolm's arrest.

Elizabeth rouses a troop of soldiers to arrest Mary. George gets his hands on the letter and orders John to be hanged. Queen Elizabeth accepts, but orders everyone who assists Mary to be beheaded.

In the novel, the elopement takes place in an adjustment needed to make it line up with Queen Mary's flight to England, which is a plot point in the novel. Dorothy has fallen in love with John and meets him several times in the forest and at the castle in disguise. She decides to release Dorothy and send John away to Wales for one year. She informs her father, while the real Malcolm shows up as well.

She attempts to escape, but gets caught and imprisoned. John comes to rescue her, but Queen Elizabeth catches them. John kills Malcolm and is reunited with Dorothy. Dorothy escapes over the walls and is the first to arrive at Rutland Castle. Dorothy tells him she wants for them to elope, but John convinces her to wait.

Catching glimpses of each other, John Manners and Dorothy instantly begin to be attracted to each other. Elizabeth decides Malcolm may go free as well, provided he leaves England and returns to France. By speaking with him in the dungeon, which is equipped with a speaking tube for eavesdropping, Dorothy exonerates John and his father, and they are set free. John has to get her from Scotland, but is afraid Queen Elizabeth will find out.