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While relaxing on the boat, Anya says that Victor hasn't failed and kisses him. During the conversation, Roger says he realizes that Anya and Victor both like and care for each other and that it is fine with him if they want to have protected sex. Victor tries to explain the situation but Anya runs back home devastated, and abandons him. Peter becomes fed up of Victor's actions and throws him out of the house. And that night, Peter and Anya are under-age drinking in her bedroom with Victor looking on through her window.

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Victor believes that Peter and Anya are not falling in love, so he goes to her house to warn her of Peter's intentions but he instead chickens out.

At a party that night, Victor and Anya run into each other and Victor daydreams of Anya falling in love with him. She then asks if Victor is also a virgin, and when he replies that he is, she invites him to come over to her house on Wednesday to have sex with him, as her parents will be out playing cards.

The two make up and reconcile and Anya explains to Victor that Zack and Brian had extra copies of the film which she watched and then destroyed. The next day, Anya invites Victor to hang out with her and Marisa, but just as they arrive they see an unidentified girl kissing Victor. Victor goes to a drug store with the intention to buy condoms but is too embarrassed to do so. On Wednesday night, Victor arrives at Anya's house for an intimate moment, but Anya's parents arrive back home just minutes later. With the help of Zack, Victor pays him to buy them.

The next day, Zack and Brian show Victor the film they have been making, meathead dating which reveals that Peter paid his cousin to kiss Victor in front on Anya and Marisa the day before. Roger requests that he have a personal conversation with Victor in the kitchen.

However, he is horrified when he opens the door to find Anya's parents arrive back home. Anya breaks up with Peter, and Victor takes her to Pyramid Lake where they rent a row boat. Though Victor does not know the girl, Anya assumes Victor was only pretending to love her to show off to his friends. Peter and Anya start making out to which Victor interrupts it a couple times by ringing the door bell, and then tries to postpone Anya and Peter's hangout by washing the dishes. Meanwhile, Zack and Brian try to make another film with them again but their camera's battery dies.

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