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Detox Fashion by Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Cuts are resulting in lands and rivers flooded with chemicals, clean water supplies being reduced, the safety of people being overlooked and more. The studio is committed to using storytelling across media for socially responsible causes. Core Principles, Transparency and Elimination.

Those who get the blame are the companies who are the biggest buyer of the manufactured goods. The collaboration between Greenpeace and Free Range is fitting.

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Having saved the great whales, Greenpeace continues to highlight key environmental issues. Already, Zara has said it will stop sourcing bad textiles. Some have been very proactive while others have yet to come up with an individual plan.

They are often the ones who are cutting costs in such flagrant ways. We knew that we were going to need a look and feel that was edgy and stylish. The animation style for this piece is also perfect for the story itself, supporting the rebellious and fresh approach of the heroine's journey.

There were many rounds of revisions as the characters of the textile worker who breaks free, and the evil fashion boss, were drawn and refined. The companies pinpointed in the video have featured in Greenpeace investigations into toxic waste by fashion brands and their suppliers.