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There were a few typos but not enough to make me deduct a star. However, the story also dealt wth the difficulty people found doing this in reality. Each one is different, to reflect the changing nature of their relationship and the added trust between the two men. Particularly the sexual nature of their relationship so if you were put off book one because of the lack of romance and sex, rest assured there is enough in the second to make up for it.

But the rest of the world

For me, the only scifi aspect that came across as far fetched was the way and where excess water would have been stored beforehand and how it was going to be used to launch a rocket. Almost like a confession, in that once this was done, both parties could move on.

Funnily enough, I had firsthand experience of this because I read the story while staying in a small Outback town. There were no giant worms for starters. We need more books like this. The concept of guilt was explored.

But the rest of the world building made up for it. Apart from the dryness of the planet, which would result in a similar ecosystem with limited resources and the importance of water, I don't recall other themes and situations being similar. That science came across as a bit weird. But they aren't sex scenes just for the sake of them.

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Apart from the dryness