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The captain gives Alec a five-day liberty to meet Susan, who has come to California after Blanchard contacted her. However, it is difficult and dangerous to attempt to control chaos.

The plane turns out to be American, apparently justifying the hesitation, but he admits to the captain that he simply froze. Navy but decides not to tell Susan as their relationship grows. The two become close friends despite their differences in rank when Frenchy reveals that he became estranged from his wife because of his Navy duty. Alec volunteers to lead a dangerous mission ashore to rescue stranded airmen and their reconnaissance photos of the Japanese-held island, joined by Frenchy and several members of the crew. Both the members of the group and their equipment suffer casualties and survival quickly becomes a constant desperate struggle to get off the planet before it is exploded by the approaching giant.

Underway the ship picks

However, they also encounter a very malicious environment, which is exacerbated by the effects of the approaching gas giant, and distinctly unfriendly wildlife. With Frenchy's help, Alec throws the unexploded bomb overboard.

Soon after, Alec returns to Susan with Frenchy's portrait to deliver to his daughter. We carry a full spread of mouth-watering treats and easy-to-use tinctures and topicals, all infused with the natural power of Cannabidiol. Susan is disturbed by Alec's obvious feelings for her, but accepts a lunch date the next day anyway. As Frenchy openly pities his friend, four enemy soldiers emerge and Frenchy is wounded.

Hutch and her motley team, including a wealthy writer, a reporter, and others discover some ruins that suggest a nontechnical and unscientific society once inhabited the planet. Underway, the ship picks up three survivors from a sunken German submarine, but when Blanchard and Alec attempt to treat them humanely, Edge angrily intervenes. Alec tries to intervene and is knocked to the ground by a merchant mariner. An attempt to explore the planet about twenty years earlier had ended in disaster when several team members were killed by vicious indigenous creatures. Blanchard Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

As is usual, McDevitt includes a large number of very diverse and interesting characters in this novel. Alec decides to return to the ship and marry Susan only upon his safe return from duty. During an actual Japanese air attack, a bomb crashes through the deck without exploding. Susan admits she loves Alec, but will not break her engagement. He admits to Blanchard that he felt an angry urge to kill, but Blanchard reassures him that his response was natural.

Alec kills them to protect his friend and is also wounded, but Frenchy dies before they make it back to the ship. His characters on the planet endure a punishing struggle, hopeless fear, and the numbing loss of their team members. They agree to marry immediately and travel to Pebble Beach to stay with Susan's sister, who unfortunately receives notification that her husband has been killed in action. In San Francisco, Alec begins drawing a portrait of his Frenchy to give to his daughter. His mother is hurt that Alec did not disclose his military obligation and saddened that he has disregarded the pacifist tenets of his upbringing.

Hutch and her