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As in, he wasn't there to say it. Or, I could stab you in the gut with a knife.

Our snapper got out while the going was good. If people keep pushing me for no reason, I swear I will hurl myself off this building! Those crazy cats over at Miss Bikini Ireland will warm-up your Autumn with lots of lovely scantily clad ladies. Cox learns that sometimes it is okay to play the system by asking for recommendations, which is why he eventually takes over as Chief of Medicine. Each episode generally has a central theme of its own, many of which fulfill some aspect of the above.

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Two hours in a morgue drawer. He's supportive when she becomes engaged to new intern Keith, but it isn't until the ceremony officiates the whole thing that he realizes that he did want to marry her himself. Turned him into some cynical guy who seems to despise what he does. An earlier episode had a massive argument between J.

The majority of the staff at Sacred Heart Hospital, but not the actual lawyer, Ted. Later in the episode, Turk forces Carla and J. Sacred Heart doesn't have a lost and found box.

Played around with a few times during the series. We've been slow on the updates here on ShowBiz. What Hooch said he'd do to Rex and the other interns that were also roped into this counts as this trope.

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They once ranked all ten of the current surgical interns. Special mention must go to Dr. In the first couple of seasons, it's revealed that Dr. Since then she's hooked-up with Hollywood's hottest Irish star Jack Reynor and is rarely home.

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Due to a mole on her butt, she earned the nickname Roller Moler. If you guys all took a second and thought about what your best moment in medicine was. Carla also has an episode where her inability to tell jokes that are funny is one of the central focuses. Some moron got at Ireland's most iconic poet with a can of spray paint and updated his wardrobe. Nearly every minor character who lasted for more then one episode and even some of the one-episode ones as well showed up.

This doesn't go entirely as planned. We snapped the super talented blonde as she hit No.

There is starting to be a clear trend here. One of the new interns tries putting one of these on a mentally ill patient to stop him biting the bandages on his hands. First he ran over an opossum and took it to the vet. Kelso's terrible treatment of his wife is always played for laughs. Julie Keaton, yet another Jordan-lite character in a romance with Dr.

One thing Dublin isn't short of is bachelors folks. Yesterday we spied Vogue, Holly Carpenter, and Aoibhinn McGinnity all getting their hair extensions seen to by the extensions queen Ceira Lambert at her hair studio out in Shankill. All that Christy Moore hype over Arthur's Day this week coz of all the pints of Arthur-Scargill getting consumed and vommed back-up mainly in the Camden Street area of the city. Yet apparently not so much that he won't freely admit to having once stolen Murray's college girlfriend and took her to the Bahamas. He was so popular that they scrubbed that idea and kept him as a real character and Almighty Janitor.

Kelso pretends that his marriage is perfect is a major plot point as he uses it as a way to avoid being asked for favors except for one day a year. The ladies are certainly in a minority out there in club land since the Celtic Tiger got the black lung. Complete with the crack of a whip. The evenings are getting shorter, the weather's getting cooler and damper, the leaves are starting wilt and fall. It's the only nightclub in Dublin to stand the test of time and a lot of its success is down to the history of celebrity filled parties dripping off the walls of Lillies Bordello.

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He shouldn't be alone during this. Our favourite female author of the moment, Cecelia Ahern, was out and about on the town at the weekend folks. She wasn't modelling the underwear herself.

And now it's time to join these two as only the Creator can. Yet Carla showed less respect by interfering in his business and telling him what to do. The Janitor is fond of these. In an early episode the fact that Dr. Last night she was partying at Fade Street Social with the likes of Angela Scanlon and other fashion femmes.

What a perfect day in our Nation's capital it was yesterday. While not a vice per se, Turk's strong Christianity is the focus of the first season's Christmas episode and is never brought up again. He responds by cutting her off. Our very own Sinead O'Connor spouts out something controversial publicly and true-to-form she's on the Late Late Show the following Friday.

He claims the three of them are becoming serious. Elliot, starting in the second half of season two.

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This happens a lot and goes hand-in-hand with the series-wide Aesop Amnesia epidemic but the most egregious is J. But since our Jack's back doing a wee Irish movie so is our magic Maddie. You see, Twitterers got their own Irish awards ceremony last night, instantly making the social network uncool. In the next five seconds name one place you've been other than the hospital or the apartment.

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Elliot gets this about as much as J. And a darker shade of blue. You only have to answer to one guy, newbie, and that's you!

Cox and Jordan punish the doctor responsible for Dr. And in the first season, he tells a therapist that Enid cries that he had slowly reduced her to a shell of the woman she used to be.

Scrubs has way more spanking than other shows. That's how you do style folks, don't just be a follower of fashion. Wen posts the surgical rankings, as one of the people who is better than Turk. Well, the joke's on the vandal. Kristen Murphy, who was a romantic interest of Dr Cox for about three episodes before breaking up with him after she learnt he had slept with Jordan once she came back into the picture.

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Those pesky Fade Street girls are like buses folks. But he hangs on your every word.

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Cox warning that if they don't leave he'll make them regret it. Now, we're not sure what vibe he's going for but the trendy garment reminded us of a green wax version of the jackets the brave Bering Sea trawler men wear on The Deadliest Catch tv show. The woman is safe from the hemorrhage in her head that was a ticking time bomb, creflo dollar dating sermons but it ends with her already missing the music.