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She was committed to carry on representing herself, but also for others, up until the end. The idea of the cultural sniper is that she was aware that as a single person, as an individual person, she could not change a culture.

As a way to, in a sense, use photography to go through that journey. From yourself, from your partner, from other people.

This was actually quite a brave act. Places are on first come, first serve basis. And in doing that she started to open the family album to things that are normally excluded. Both workshops were a compelling mix of academic research and voices from professional practice, and concluded in lively discussions involving the speakers and audience.

Time for all of us to reflect perhaps on forces bigger even than the Department of History of Art. And in the s she became a secretary in a photographic studio.

From yourself fromAs a way to

And from that I went straight into being a high street photographer. It traces links and collaborations in activist art, radical publications, community photography and phototherapy from the s and s. Maybe as a reference to David and Goliath. But it became a real problem for me because I was beginning to question the ethics of photographing other people in order to make a living out of it. To attempt to represent the un-representable.

The idea of being sexy but also the investment in being the perfect housewife are actually quite powerful narratives that women find difficult to stop desiring. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. But her parents wanted something better for her and sent her to secretarial college. She always saw her work as being not just for the gallery wall but as something to reach other people in ways that were in a sense, educational.

She was really shocked when she found herself being confronted by a doctor coming in with a retinue of students and simply using a felt tip to mark the breast, saying, this is the one to go. She was ill again with leukemia and she knew that this time she was confronting death.